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…but without the pointy teeth!

For the past two days in a row I had business to attend to in downtown Columbus. Both times required me to park in a particular gated parking area (I cannot disclose location as it may be incriminating…hah!) off of Front Street. The parking attendent was the same guy both times I was there; and by the second time through the gates he seemed place me as being there the day before. His expression of this new-found recognition went down a little like this:

Parking Guy (PG): “Hey! I saw you before!”
Me: “Yep. [hands over ticket, smiles] I came through here yesterday.”
PG: “Aw DAMN you got some eyes on you! Crazy! Are they for real?”
Me: “Yep. Real. Factory-originial. No Additives.”
PG: “Crazy, like a vampire!”
Me:”Wow.” [stunned into silence] “Thanks!”
PG: “You have a good day!”

I didn’t have presence of mind to tell him I’d actually been accused of being a witch by my classmates when I was a kid.

denise and her crazy eyes

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