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Daily Time Waster!

Just like a morning cup of coffee for me, I have to spend a few minutes a day not thinking about work or daily life-stress. So what do I do to kill that precious 5 or 10 minutes? I check out my *Daily Time Waster*.

A few months ago, while I was still working for BMW, a work friend had introduced me to this wonderful 6-panel comic involving dinosaurs. The thing is, the actual renderings of the panels rarely change. Only the story or context changes, usually with hilarious results. Go check out dinosaur comics to see what I mean.

Cool Thing of the Month: I just published my first book! Well, that doesn’t necessarily make me an esteemed author yet, but I do recommend you bibliophiles go to Blurb right now and download the book software and give it a test spin. My best friend is already enjoying the fruits of my publishing labors.

Cheers for now, I’m off to be a good Post-Christmas Consumer.

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