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It’s been a crazy long frickin time since my last post. Couple of things to cover first:

  1. I’m expecting. It’s one of those things that took me and the husband by surprise. And it’s been a huge surprise in how it’s affected me in my attitudes about life and work.
  2. I’ve been having a somewhat rough time of it, what with morning (or evening) sickness and the stray flu bug. It’s really tough for a chick who isn’t often sick to feel…well, sick all the time.

Today wasn’t a great day — specifically, last night was simply awful. It was one of those moments where I thought I was never going to stop throwing up and everyone in the house (future grandparents included) became really concerned for my well-being and the emergency doc line was called. Now I have been on a steady diet of fluids, toast, and crackers. I have some super lovely broken capillaries around my puffy eyes from the emesis. I am the picture of the beauty of pregnancy!

I’ve been doing some really cool stuff at work, but I’m too beat and still a little queasy from the gastro-intestinal pyrotechnics to get into all that right now. But I found a really great article relating to people in my industry who made motherhood really work for them (and huge kudos to the companies that are progressive enough to not set them up for failure).

Flexibility Profile: Jodi Bricker Built Old Navy’s Online Business While On A Flex Schedule

That’s it for me… I know where I’m buying my maternity clothes.

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