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nursery theme : sock monkeys!

I admit, I wasn’t feeling the various nursery theme ideas presented at the very-much-over-the-top Babies ‘R’ Expensive. Never mind the fact I had opted to not repaint the converted office/studio to the nursery (it’s a lovely mocha cosy nest) to something light and bright and pretty. I guess the neutral walls are a good fit since Baby P’s sex is unknown, so a better reason not to repaint. Being said, I still wanted something special to introduce to the nursery to make it FEEL more like a child’s room — not like a former office that happens to contain a crib.

Two gifts I received at my baby shower helped to establish “that something special”.

Gift One: A handmade artisan diaper bag of brown denim fabric on the outside, and a wonderful sock monkey print on the inside.

Gift Two: A handmade artisan quilt that my best friend and her mother made for me featuring several comical panels of sock monkeys.

The perfect theme for a neutral nursery, as sock monkeys are for EVERYONE. Even Punk Sock Monkeys. Thank you K and MGBH, your combined gifts have inspired a very welcoming and fun nursery theme. I’ve since purchased one sock monkey kit to make myself, a 20 inch classic sock monkey and a 10 inch sock gorilla (couldn’t resist, he was so cute).

sock monkey theme

I wonder if an obsession with monkeys is hereditary?

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