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1st Week : Reese, the photo documentary

We’ve started the first online baby album for our distant relatives and friends. I’m still learning how to work our camera (some of my shots are just pathetically blurry) but I’ll be getting better. The parts that break my heart are all the fun faces and gassy little smiles that Reese emits when I don’t have an arm free (and I’m a mile from the camera). I guess I’ll just have to journal those times and burn the images into my brain for me to enjoy for the rest of my life.

For those who can’t look into my brain, here’s the next best thing.

On a culinary note: Thank you Jaime and Ben for the rockin’ Lasagna (Reese liked it too, guess the tomato sauce won’t be a problem) and the awesome apple pie. I likes me some apple pie.

On a ‘figurative’ note: I can zip and button *all my pants now, no maternity clothes needed!

Sleep Deprivation Level:  Highly irregular sleep cycle for me, daddy fares a little better as he doesn’t have to participate in mealtimes.  However, I do find time to post stuff from time to time.  We haven’t yet reached critical mass on the sleep deprivation.

(* Comment excludes the “skinny” jeans, will need a little more work to get back into those drawers.)

I’m starving now, so I will go forage for a snack.

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