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ode to those who have been there : “The Magic of Day 42″

We are a fortunate family, not only do we have extremely supportive immediate family members and friends (and you all know who you are because chances are you have read this blog before), but we also stay in contact with a special little family in the ‘Ville (fellow ‘Ville-billies, if you will) that has recent and intimate experience as first-time parents themselves. The reason I spotlight this particular family is that for the past 3 years they have relayed their experiences on their own blog, e-LAH.

The other night, I found myself reading through their blog posts around the time that their own child was six weeks old. Now that I have a six week old child myself, their observations and experiences are like little nuggets of experiential gold that I can once again enjoy in a completely new context.

And so much of K’s own feelings of the crush of new parenthood are nearly exactly what I have felt recently, or am feeling now.

So here’s a hat tip to the family of the blog e-LAH – “The Magic of Day 42“.

Today was really special, as another family we don’t see very often came all the way from eastern Pennsylvania to visit with us.

Fun day at home
Kelly, Evan, Beth, Reese, Chris and Chris

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