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What a day.

I locked myself out of my house in the middle of this freezing snowy rainy afternoon.

I grabbed my car key, my wallet and my phone.

Check. Check. Check.

As I pulled the door shut behind me, I slid my hand into my coat pocket for the house keys.

Not there.

Other pocket?

Not. There. EITHER.

You know that camera trick where suddenly you focus in on one thing and everything else pulls away, indicating a dramatic concept? That’s exactly what happened to my vision, I zeroed in on my empty hand while everything else became blurry.

I seriously came about 2 deep breaths away from wrapping my coat around my fist and breaking in a window to get back into my house. (On a side note, I have broken into my own home twice before with nary a broken window. That probably says more about the security of the house more than my stealth and cunning, however.)

Thanks to some rational thinking and my fellow ‘Ville-billy Kelly, I didn’t have to do that. Yay!

There’s an even longer funnier part to this story that involved me nursing my baby in my office just before my meeting and my hair is still soaking wet and barely combed out from my shower (on account that I was going to do my hair after picking up The Girl from daycare, but I effectively rendered us both homeless for the afternoon), but I’m just too worn out to relay the story.

So just take my word for it, it was painful to go through but funny to reflect upon.

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