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Mobile POTD: Saturday at Whole Foods and The Weekend Review

I am typing this post out with one arm because the other arm is being held hostage by The PunkinButtercup for nutritional ransom.

C decided to take advantage of the low greens fees at Golf Club of Dublin, so he took off with my truck. I planned a little outing with The Girl and with Auntie Beth for Saturday afternoon to do a little stroller walking and shopping in Dublin. It was so well planned out right up to the point that I realized I had…forgotten the stroller. In the truck. So what do I do, up in Dublin with no stroller and marathon shopping planned?

I suppose the common sense thought here would be to retrieve the umbrella stroller from the truck. Well, sure. That would have made sense. That, or driving the 9 or 10 miles back home to get the backup stroller. However, I’m not always known for making logical decisions so naturally I head over to “Babies R Expensive” to see how much more money the can get out of me if they have inexpensive umbrella-style strollers that I can snag.

Sure enough, they have strollers in every price point you can imagine. I started out looking for something in “Emergency Budget” pricepoint, but I was wooed by the advantages of spending just a teensy bit more. This is Reese’s spankin’ new travel stroller, for when we scoot about town and I tire of carrying her around in her bucket. I buy aforementioned stroller, yank it out of its box, assemble, and The Girl and I are well on our way.

At this point in the post is where I inform you the infant is now sleeping in my lap, now satsified. My left arm is FREE.

We meet Beth at Filene’s Basement (where I enjoyed shopping more when I was making the big bucks, prior to daughter arrival) and basically caught up while doing the cutest, girliest things. I need to interject that my sister is just one sharp lady – she has a really fun sense of style, and I always see her wearing the cutest clothes and shoes. So shopping is always fun with her. She bought me my most notable pair of jeans yet: a pair of CK size 8 (in your face, childbirth!). Of course I realize that could just be vanity sizing, but I feel a little more encouraged that the late night gym visits are paying off.

My stomach was growling the entire time I’m walking around, so I convince Beth to walk to Whole Foods to get a bite at the cafe. I grab a Brie, ham and aspargus sandwich, she grabs an iced tea and find a place to sit whilst I prepare Baby Girl for “The Feeding”.

Genius that I am, I find that I remembered the baby food, but forgot the utensils necessary to feed a tiny mouth — and I assure you, that tiny mouth was HUNGRY. However, we MacGuver’d a solution that used the handle of a knife — the knife was plastic and really couldn’t cut Jello, so just relax — and the girl was fed and happy soon after.

Here’s our outing.


Later this weekend the girl managed to unbutton my WHOLE BLOUSE in public without my knowing (sorry Kuri, if I flashed you at Wildflower), charm several older folks at Sunday breakfast with her good behavior and easy smiles, and later grabbed her disgusting poopy diaper with HER. BARE. HANDS.


Now, ugh. I just don’t know if there is any way for me to be okay with her putting her hands into MY MOUTH after that. I scrubbed and I scrubbed but there’s just no clean after that incident.

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