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My Babies and The Great Housepainting of 2008 Update

Stupid power outage. Last night, during the time I was going to get caught up on my posts we lost power. Power remained out all night until 9 am the next day. By the way, I could totally tell who my fellow Clintonville neighbors were today at my client meetings because we were all sporting the “No Friggin’ Electricity Hairdo” (right, Diane? When I’m rockin’ the hairband, you know there was no styling going on that morning.)

Anyway the power went out again this afternoon, so I did what any bored parent would do. Pictures. Of course. Here is my pink hairless baby being adorable. Also my beige hairy baby with his best begging face. He really wants to go on a W-A-L-K here, but I can’t say “walk” because he’ll freak out so I have to spell it.


Also, The Great Housepainting of 2008 is wrapping up nicely. Today, the whole garage was painted. Next up will be the Deck Project of 2008… but before that we have to perform the Exorcism of the Stubborn Concrete Steps. More on that in a future post, the post where I talk about how my awesome husband made a jackhammer his bitch on Father’s Day Weekend.


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