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New House On The Block

It’s done.

The painting of the house on Winthrop, that is.

Or as we like to say “The Winthrop Manor”.

Now, finally, the old girl gets to look as stately as she should have thanks to an amazing team that weren’t “just painters”; they were, in fact, an incredibly skilled team of home renovation experts. Reglazing? No problem. Electrical work? Easy. Extensive restorative carpentry due to past water damage and termite infestation that the previous owner didn’t bother to remedy? Piece of cake.

I’m so thrilled with the work done on this house. It was a big project, no, HUGE. And it was really necessary. And now my back mudroom looks just as pretty as the front of the house — which if you’ve been to my house that’s really saying a lot.
I will make a list of all the things that make hiring Dave Burkholder Inc. such a good idea:

  1. 1.  The man himself is a skilled carpenter and former roofer who had worked construction some years. Loves things to be perfect, and they will be because his name is on the project. He fixed all our major carpentry issues, put up new cedar siding to match the old siding perfectly, put a new roof on the mudroom (which was in utter disrepair and needed to be replaced), and reglazed and replaced cracked and broken panes in all our windows. Essentially, he restored our 1928 Dutch Colonial AND the original windows.
  2. 2.  The team thoroughly scraped the house, fixed wood trim where needed, painted carefully, and cleaned up EVERYTHING. I mean everything — they scraped and broomed my landscaping for paint chips because they knew I have an infant who is quickly becoming a toddler and there is/will be nothing she won’t put in her mouth. They even scrubbed and scraped my concrete in places where they dripped.
  3. 3.  Electrical work. WHO KNEW? These guys took the amateurish electrical hackjob on the mudroom and made it nice and neat (and most likely much more adherent to code). Plus, I have a lovely new light out back that matches with my sconces up front, as opposed to a floodlight plugged into a two-dollar ceramic base.
  4. 4.  Completely rehabbed my basement door, including rescreening and resurrecting the little original screen door. I thought for sure that door was a goner, so I told him to not even worry about it. His team took it apart, rescreened, repainted, retrimmed, and even took the metal hardware off the door and painted it all black. The door looks amazing. And that wasn’t even part of the contract!
  5. 5.  The whole team was very polite, hard working, cleaned up every night and basically made the experience awesome. If you are looking for someone to help you with your exterior, I cannot recommend them enough.

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