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Mockups, Wireframes, and Prototypes… OH MY

For my IxD homies out there:  A couple of online tools worth evaluating:

Rapid Rabbit

Rapid prototyping tool which allows you to diagram and create links between pages or dialogs (depending on what you are doing!). Seems good for high-level design planning and fundamental screen interactions and workflow — but I haven’t test driven this yet.

Pencil Project

Free and Open Sketching/Prototyping plug-in for Firefox.  This one I *just* installed and plan to do a little monkey bidness with it.  I mean, good monkey bidness.  Ah, you know what I mean.  Either way, it has stencils that are stylized specifically for Windows XP/Vista and GTK+ environs… it’s not to say you couldn’t prototype with this tool for web applications, but I’d wager there are other tools that work better for mocking up web application UIs.

For me, I still heart visio stencils from www.guuui.com.

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