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Going Dormant?

It’s bad.

Really bad.

Over ten calendar days since I’ve posted anything. I have so much to cover, but no time to broadcast this tsunami-size brain dump that’s building up in my skull. Here’s the bitter pill today: A powerful windstorm blew through central Ohio yesterday, dropping trees, limbs, branches, chimneys, and a number of Obama ‘08 signs. This storm has bitch-slapped AEP, and knocked around 400,000 people off the grid.  Several pictures of huge, old trees ripped out of the ground on Piedmont are on the Columbus Dispatch website today.  As one neighbor puts it on Twitter “AEP Spokes-pr-droid on WTVN has no idea when power will be back on. Portrays AEP as victim of vicious tree attack.”  Hurricane Ike strikes us down with its fierce wrath.

So, just as I am sooo ready to start writing, all our power goes out. Is still out. May possibly be out for the next several days…perhaps even as much as a week of outiness.
How am I posting this entry, you might ask?

I’m running around the city looking for power outlets and wifi access so I can use this day off of my “real” job to finish up some outstanding freelance bits. Currently, I’m in the brewery district at my former employer “squatting” off of their copious power and internet. They are kind to me as I search for a place to land and try to get a little bit of work done.
Now I’m off to stop at Kroger to get some more ice and some styrofoam coolers to salvage the remaining bits of our refridgerated foodstuffs. Also, need to carefully navigate around town as it turns out most drivers in Columbus have no clue how to behave when traffic lights go off-power. How the heck do these people get licenses???


Anyway, here’s a picture of my daughter handing you my flip flop. Enjoy.  And for the rest of you TOOLS driving around Columbus, breezing through dead traffic lights: FOUR. WAY. STOP. Try not to hit me and my daughter, mmmmkay?


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