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I Know, I Can’t Believe It Either.


It’s 2009! And I really only have a few goals:

1. Get my butt in shape for the Flying Pig Marathon in May. I’m running a leg of this marathon (a relay, if you will) and I really need to get to a point where I’m doing at least 7-10 miles on my long runs. The only real challenges are these: The time I have to run is late at night when the baby is in bed.  Also, I no longer have a running partner.

2. Get in tight with the cool kids and the IxD/UX crowd this year — specifically, I’d like to suss out the Columbus-based (or even Midwest regional) UX-space talent and get them involved in the goings-on of the IxDA organization. Wish me luck.

3.  Redesign the blog — possibly separate the personal/family ramblings from the professional postings. It’s such a tricky balance to do this, as I’m really afraid no one will ever read the professional stuff. I think I’ll put this design effort off until a little later this spring, as I really need to consider that my schedule is full up with work, baby, and my trip to Vancouver for Interaction|09.

4. Find a way to convince the husband that we should adopt another greyhound.

5. Help father and sister find sustainable and meaningful work.

I have my hands full.  What’s on your plate?

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