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Saturday POTD: First Haircut, 17 Months.

Just to put this into perspective, it has taken Reese 17 WHOLE MONTHS to grow just enough hair to warrant a trim. There was a 7 month old baby girl that was there at the same time who had more hair than ME who needed a full style and blow dry. I have never seen so much hair on a child before. Not like that. I’m in awe.

As for Reese, she was a perfectly well-behaved and seemed to enjoy the bustling, child-friendly atmosphere. Best of all, she got to choose a post-haircut Dum-Dum lollipop which she quietly sat in the play area and munched away while I knocked back my first and (so far) only cup of coffee of the day. All in all, no tears, no fears – a good experience.


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