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“This may apply to you, but it won’t apply to the thinking man.”

I don’t really think the title applies to the post, but it was just a phrase my sister used the other day and it made me laugh. (I’ll not emphasize that she said it to me.)
I’ve been out hunting around for more neat tools for user interface design and development, and once again I find myself impressed with the tools that are out there…and the endless possibilities for producing some sweet interfaces.

In matters of Information Architecture and User Interaction design in web development, there is an update to the guuui.com Visio templates that I have been using (quite successfully) for my several projects. And who couldn’t use a great nail gun, as a User Interface designer?

In the matters of implementation of really cool user interface effects, I’m very impressed with MooTools – a compact, modular, Object-Oriented javascript framework. The nicest thing about the MooTools site is that even with javascript turned off, the site is still usable. Excellent design – functionality and flash (without the Flash)! I’ll be playing with this soon, so expect some fun things from the playground.

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