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peekaboo Philipsen baby : the Ultrasound, week 24

Baby Philipsen at 24 weeks

We had our ultrasound early in week 24. Now, C and I have have been hardcore about not finding out what the sex of our unborn child would be. It’s one of life’s few real surprises, right? Well, our resolve completely crumbled the moment we were presented with the waiver document. You know, the “Do you want us to tell you what you’re having? Yes or No” moment.

Of course, we were weak. We wanted to know! We WANTED to KNOW.

However, baby had other ideas. We clearly saw 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 legs, healthy heart and spine, a head….a very healthy and very squiggly fetus. However, baby became very shy at the moment of gender discovery…even the doc said “Don’t pick out your paint colors yet.”

It was actually a bit of a relief that baby let us off the hook. And honestly, most older folks seemed happy that we still had a surprise baby…and only very few younger generation parents seemed to be perturbed that we didn’t find out. Nobody really insisted we have a “do-over” ultrasound, and honestly, there’s no need for us to do that considering that from all the important clues we seem to have a very healthy baby. Soon enough everyone will know which flavor of person Baby P will be.

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