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Monday POTD: First Easter Weekend In Review

This Easter was much, much better compared to the emesis nightmare I dealt with last year. Reese, dear heart: I love you so very much, but you made your mommy hate food for about 6 months straight last year at this time.

Oma and Dit Dit made the trip out to see us, and the weekend was complete with a lunch with friends (muchas smoochas Mark y Rod), roast chicken (hormone free!), and some “Good Gracious” good sweet potato casserole. Did I mention how much I love sweet potatoes? My love for those orange tubers is only rivaled by my dear sweet daughter, who eats them with gusto.

Thank you Uncles Rod and Mark for your wonderful gift of “flowers”. The girl already loves to play with them in her pack ‘n play. Also, thank you Oma and Dit Dit for making the big trip out — I hope you enjoyed yourselves and got plenty of baby time. Thanks also to Frisby for reminding me that it’s Dick Miller Day.


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