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Wash Your Mouth Out With…Toast?

So I’ve had something on my mind lately regarding Reese’s readiness for eating “people food” (heh, get it?). This girl, it’s like her little fingers and hands are on “Mission Food: Seek and Destroy” wherever we go, and no plate of hot and delicious grown-up food is safe. Her absolute enthusiasm to snatch at our nibbles had me toying with the idea of giving her something that she can grasp herself and inevitably place in her mouth.

Being that she is roughly 6 and 1/2 months old, she’s pretty young for handling any challenging, chunky food. However, I’ve been watching her lately, and that girl is mashing things with her gums and her two bottom chompers pretty well. Plus, she has perfected the most will-breaking “begging” look, so much so I feel compelled to give her a taste of most of the baby-safe food I happen to be eating at the moment. The key here is she is very social and loves to eat when we eat, and will lustily protest if we don’t include her. So how do I allow the girl to feed herself and remain within the suggested realm of age appropriate foods?
Enter Zwieback.


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