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How My Goofy Diaper Tote Won Me A Free Coffee

This morning was starting to not look good.

I mean the weather is great, right? Friggin sunshine! I KISS YOU FACE.

However, aside from the weather, my super darling wonderful infant threw a ninja-style super soaking spit up all over herself and ME this morning before I dropped her off at daycare. I was bummed because she was looking fly in her shorts and cute summery style shirt, and I didn’t want to change her out of it. I made the executive decision that she was just going to have to remain in the shirt, and consequently smell a little less than “springtime fresh”. And since what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I too am still wearing my baby-vomit smelly shirt. Hey, nobody said I wasn’t fair.

Anyway, I’m starting to make a habit of stopping in at my local Starbucks for the cheapest brew that I can get (Pike Place Roast, tall) so that I can jack-start my morning of working from home. I felt pretty yuk this morning when I walked in, because some gorgeously tall, perfectly dressed and well appointed chickie was in line ahead of me. I felt classically frump and dumpy, and covered in puke. That broad was killing my feel-good buzz from the sunshine!

I finally get up to the counter, and I place my admittedly silly-looking diaper tote bag (which looks a little like this, only it was 4.99 at Michaels and definitely not hand-crochet) on the counter, and ordered. The barista looked at my bag, and said “Sweet Bag.” I wasn’t sure if she was serious, so I picked it up, let her take a look at it, and said (quite deadpan) “Yarrrrr.”

Both her and another barista burst out laughing, and said, “That’s great! Pirates RULE.” and they gave me my cup for FREE.

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