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Thursday POTD: The Discovery Of More Teeth

Jake and Smiley will not be pleased.

Tonight, we dined at our friend Kelly’s house with other friendly neighbors. Over the course of the evening, my very very pleasant baby was especially wiggly, so much so that I had to hold her cradle style for a little bit just to calm her down. She threw her head back and smiled, a big, gaping, open-mouth smile and there THERE! I saw two more tiny crowns where some maxillary lateral incisors have popped through!

Now I KNEW something was up because the girl was SO into chewing everything in sight lately. I was waiting…waiting for the big show and I guess I got it.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known she was teething because, well, I think she’s been swallowing her extra drool (she’s just not a drooly baby, that one) and she’s not been crabby…she’s actually been really really sweet lately.


With a smile this awesome, who needs teeth right? Right?

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